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Genre: Science Fiction

Published in conjunction with Matador Books in October 2017

ISBN: 978 1788033 367

Ebook ISBN: 978 1788034 272







It is the 21st century and severe overcrowding on Earth has led to the creation of colonies on Lunar and Mars and Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. As children Symon Shaw and Marvin Piper become best friends, a friendship that survives into adult life. When a new colony is established on another of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, Marvin invites Symon to join his company when it relocates there. They prosper in the colony and Marvin invites Symon to become his business partner.

Treatment for infertility, including diagnostic tests, has been previously banned in an attempt to limit population growth. Symon and his wife Meena have two children, but Marvin and Liv remain childless. In a desperate attempt to have a child, Marvin asks Symon to have sex with Liv. She becomes pregnant but loses the baby. Liv implores Symon to continue making love to her and he agrees, though he knows that Marvin would not approve. Liv remains detached, but Symon falls more and more in love with her. When their relationship is discovered the consequences are devastating for both couples.

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The Sun WarriorsCover draft

Genre: Science Fiction/Political Satire

Published in collaboration with Matador Books in April 2014

ISBN: 9781783062560

Ebook ISBN: 9781783067794





In different parts of the world strange things are happening; it’s raining salt water in the Sahara desert and in Thailand it is snowing. A young Thai climatologist, Dr Thongchai Pakpoom, concludes that the only possible explanation is intervention by extraterrestrial beings  and in due course he is proved right. They are fugitives from the unstable Sagitarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy who have decided to settle on Mars. In order to make it suitable for their needs, they must enhance its magnetic field, increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduce the maximum temperatures on the surface.

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Tiger Heart

Tiger Heart

Genre: Crime Fiction

Published as an e-book in 2011 by Bangkok Books and as a paperback in 2011

Ebook ISBN: 978-616-245-091-4

ISBN: 978-163-323-160-3


Alcoholic former doctor, pep pill chemist and murderer, Guy Haughton-Bassett, lives an idyllic life of drunken idleness in Pattaya with his gorgeous Thai girlfriend. Then one night a figure from his murky past arrives on his doorstep and asks him to kill again……

Tiger Heart is available as an ebook from Amazon and iTunes as well as Bangkok Books, and as a paperback from Amazon and books mango.com