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New ear hospital in Nepal

Robert Mills is a Director of the Britain Nepal Otology Service (BRINOS), a charity dedicated to the prevention and treatment of ear disease and deafness in Nepal.

Ear disease is one of the most pressing health problems in Nepal. Fourteen percent of the population have significant hearing problems and of these 55% have evidence of potentially surgically treatable ear disease. Furthermore, 70% of these individuals are children. As well as causing deafness, ear disease can have life threatening complications which can only be treated by surgery.

Since 1988 the Britain Nepal Otology Service has been carrying out ear surgery camps in the rural areas of Nepal. More recently BRINOS has established and trained a team of Community Ear Assistants (CEAs) who provide basic ear care, fit hearing aids and select patients for surgery during one of the three ear surgery camps held each year.

At present over 300 ear operations are carried out annually by volunteer surgeons from the UK and other countries using temporary accommodation.

Now BRINOS wants to take its work to a new level by building an Ear Treatment Centre with a full time ear surgeon. This would provide year round care for patients with ear disease in the area around Nepalgunj and would become the base for the Community Ear Care Programme run by the CEAs with the help of local volunteers.

Building costs in Nepal are relatively modest, so every pound spent will have a substantial impact. More information is available at www.brinos.org.uk.